Natural Diaper Rash Remedies

The diaper area of babies is very delicate. Parents should take utmost care of the skin of the babies till the time the babies wear diaper, so that rashes do not develop on the skin. Rashes in the diaper area may make the baby feel highly uncomfortable.

The baby may face extreme irritation and itching in the diaper area due to rashes. Here are some natural diaper rash remedies which may prove to be of great help. Allowing the air to pass through the diaper area is one of the natural ways to get rid of the rashes.

This can be done by letting the baby lie on a blanket or towel three to four times in a day. You can also tie a cotton cloth in a loose manner, so that the air flows in a proper manner. This is one of the best ways to treat diaper rash in a natural way.

While cleaning the diaper area, it is advised to make use of damp cloth wipes, in place of commercially available wipes. Commercial wipes may be harmful for the skin of the babies due to the detergents that are present in them. So, wipes made of cotton cloth should be used for cleaning the diaper area to treat and prevent diaper rash.

The clothes coming in contact with the diaper area should be very soft and smooth. As far as possible, cotton clothes should be chosen for the babes, as they are soft and do not harm the skin. Also, the clothes of the babies should be washed in natural detergents.

It is highly recommended to change the diaper of the baby as soon as it gets dirty or wet. The skin of the baby may be affected badly due to the germs present in fecal and urine matter.

You can also make use of a cream enriched with natural ingredients like vitamin E and primrose oil to provide relief from the itching in the diaper area due to rashes. In case, your baby suffers from frequent diaper rash, you should seek the advice of the pediatrician.

By keeping in mind the tips that have been given above, you can treat and prevent diaper rash in case of your baby and get rid of the itching and irritation that may be faced by your baby due to diaper rash, thus allowing your baby to remain happy.