Natural Methods To Manage Labor Pain

Just like there are many hospital administered pain relieving options for easing your labor pain, you will be surprised to know that there are few good natural methods too. In this article we will concentrate on the natural ways to reduce your labor pain.

The first and the foremost method for a natural relief are through breathing exercises. The most popular breathing exercise that has been used even during the ancient times is the ‘pranayama’, which is a yoga technique. There are many YouTube videos and yoga DVDs showing how to do pranayama. Such breathing exercises when done in sync with your contractions can make you stay relaxed regardless of your pain.

Back pains can be very bothersome when you are in labor therefore you can take the help of sterile water injections. The idea is to inject sterile water at some specific position in your lower back. This leads to the release of endorphins in the body which controls the pain for the next few hours. Since you are using sterile water, it can be done any number of times.

After taking the help of air and water, you also have the option to take help from heat energy. A head pad can be placed on your back to relieve the pain during contractions. Another method is by using hot water- you can take a hot water shower or relax in a tub filled with hot water to lessen your pain.

After using the above methods, you can also benefit from a round of massage from your partner or friend. Acupressure is one such effective massage technique where you gently press some major pain relief positions on your body to lessen the labor pain. Close to acupressure, we also have acupuncture technique. But the usage of the same depends on your hospital or doctor.

Not every hospital will have a certified acupuncturist on hand for labor pain relief. But if there is one, it is a blessing in disguise. There is another technique known as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). This method is a little complicated as it uses some apparatus fitted with electrodes for relieving the pain. Only those who are presented with this option by their hospital should try it.

Of the above given options, the most popular till date is the breathing technique followed by the hot water therapy. The advantage of learning the breathing technique is that you have the option to use it till the very last stage of your delivery.