Natural Tips to Get Pregnant After 40

For several reasons, many women or couples are delaying starting a family. Late pregnancy has become a common phenomenon among career conscious women. Since these women do not want motherhood to disturb their career growth, they often delay getting pregnant until they have attained a certain professional position. Often times, the choice is between a good career prospect and starting a family.

Not surprisingly, many women prefer the later choice. Starting a family at 40 is increasingly becoming common. But isn’t too late to get conceived? Does not fertility in both men and women decreases with age? The answer to both the queries is “yes”. However, there are certain ways in which you can increase your chances of getting pregnant after 40. You may find these natural tips to get pregnant after 40 helpful.

The first of the tips to increase your chances of getting pregnant after 40 is to have sexual intercourse more frequently. This is because your menstrual period may become irregular once you are in your 40s. The best time during a menstrual cycle to get conceived is when ovulation takes place. But in older women, the timing of ovulation is less predictable. As such, you can increase your chances of getting conceived with frequent sexual intercourses.

Keeping yourself relax and stress-free will also increase your prospects of getting pregnant. Stress related pressure has a negative impact on your hormonal activities. Even if you have conceived, stress can affect you from enjoying a healthy pregnancy. So, keep relax, adopt a light to moderate physical activity. Practicing yoga, taking up dancing and going for swimming and walks will help you to clam down your nerves and keep off stress. Planning your pregnancy during a holiday trip is also an excellent idea.

The third tip has to do with dietary supplements. Adopt a balanced diet and take supplements which may help in regulating your monthly cycle. Vitamin E is essential, so is Gamma Linoleic Acid. This acid improves the quality of your cervical liquid thereby enhancing the mobility as well as the longevity of the sperms. This way your chances of getting conceived are increased.

Notwithstanding all these factors, your prospect of getting pregnant also depends on the fertility of your partner.