Natural Treatments for Mastitis

Mastitis is a condition wherein the breast becomes inflamed due to bacterial infection. It is one of the common breastfeeding problems in new moms. Due to the inflammation and discomfort, breastfeeding becomes a problem in women suffering from mastitis.

This condition when serious should be treated with antibiotics drugs. You may also go through a mammogram in such cases. However, when not so serious, mastitis or breast abscess can be cured with self-care and natural treatments. Before deliberating on the natural treatments for mastitis, let’s first discuss the causes of mastitis and its symptoms briefly.

Mastitis can be caused by cracked nipples and clogged milk ducts. Normal bacteria present on your skin may enter your breasts through the cracked nipples and infect the fatty tissues causing swelling and pain. Also, when you wear a tight bra, the milk ducts can become clogged leading to milk stagnation thus setting stage for infection. Itchy breast, tenderness, presence of lumps, nipple discharge, and decreased milk supply are all symptoms of mastitis.

Now let’s find out how you can control this condition with self-care if at all it is not that serious. First, you should continue breastfeeding although there may be discomforts. Also, try various breastfeeding positions so the ducts are empties.

This might alleviate the infection and soreness. A warm compress before nursing and a cold compress in between feeding can also relief you from much pain and discomfort. If plugged ducts are the culprit, a gentle massage from around the affected region toward the nipple will help in loosening the blocked ducts.

There are also other natural treatments for mastitis. The first is a carrot juice blended with garlic. You can prepare a blend with 3 cloves of garlic and 4 ounces of carrot juice. Drink it at regular intervals and you will see the effect quickly. You can also apply raw cabbage directly on the affected area. Applying grated potatoes is also effective. Also, applying a warm solution of calendula flowers and comfrey leaves may not give relief but also heal the infection.

Medical intervention is required when the inflammation is accompanied with fever and dizziness and also when you feel acute pain while breastfeeding. Also, if a lump develops or the condition is getting worst with time, you may call up a doctor.

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