You have just discovered that you are pregnant. That’s great. As people start getting to know that you are pregnant they start showering you with more love and affection, especially your family members. Get used to it. You will constantly de told what to eat and what not to eat, things you should and should not do. This is a happy time for you and all those around you. Slowly but steadily will take on a sudden glow.  However, this is not all that pregnancy is about Pregnancy can also bring with it its fair share of problems.

The most common one experiences is morning sickness or nausea. This does not happen to all pregnant women. It is at the onset of the second month that you start feeling it and it reaches its peak by the ninth week. It does happen mostly in the morning as you get up and slowly settles down. For some people it can go on through the day. It is very important to drink plenty of liquids through the day. Beside water drink plenty of juices as it will keep you hydrated and keep the nausea in check.

The nausea you are experiencing is most likely due to a certain smell around you. This could be anything from the powder or perfume you use or the after shave your husband is using. Different smells affect different people. Sometimes it is not your tea and coffee that you are having in the morning but its smell that is causing this feeling.

Let your spouse know that there are days you may be feeling miserable and will be unable to get out of bed. Have a glass of warm water to which ginger has been added as this helps the throwing up. Keep a lemon with you at all times even when you are at work. Smell this every time you are overcome with a feeling of nausea

In extreme cases it is better to consult your doctor so that he/she can recommend you some medication for the same. The medication will in no way harm your baby. Take it till you begin to feel better. Even if you did not have nausea in your first pregnancy you may have it in the second one. So take care.