New Born Baby Essentials: Must Knows For All The Expectant Parents

What can be a more pleasurable moment for the expectant parents, than the birth of their baby? All you expectant parents – Welcome your new born baby with all the necessities, that can make him/her feel the warmth of this whole new world, in a delightful fashion!

The list encompasses the following:

New Born Baby Sleeping/ Bedding Essentials

To provide your infant, the cozy sleep, you just need to have a crib, crib bedding, crib mattresses, waterproof mattress covers, bed linens, baby pillows, baby blankets, sleep sack and light comforter.

New Born Baby Bathing Essentials

Make your baby’s bathing comfortable with infant bath tub, baby shampoo, soap or cleanser, oil, talc & lotions, soft normal or hooded towels, changing cloths and baby comb or hair brush.

New Born Baby Hygiene Essentials

Expecting parents must buy diapers or disposable nappies, baby wipes, burp cloths, cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol, safety pins and baby nail clippers.

New Born Baby Feeding Essentials

The various feeding necessities are: washable or disposable baby bottles, bibs, baby bottle warmer, baby bottle cleaning brush, baby bottle nipples, feeding bowl, fork & spoon, baby food and plastic sip cup. It is a universal fact that mother’s milk is the best food for the baby for the first six months of his/ her birth.

New Born Baby Clothing Essentials

Who doesn’t want the baby to be dressed up in the trendiest way? But, the mantra here is the comfort level. The clothing essentials are: onesies, night gowns or sleepers, newborn hats, socks or booties, mittens, pants, shirts or cotton t-shirts, undershirts, woolens like cardigans or jackets and snow suits (if winters) and some dresses for going out.

New Born Baby First Aid Kit

It consists of baby thermometer, eye dropper, nose drops, disinfectant hand soap, diaper rash cream or lotion, medicine dropper & spoon, nasal aspirator and other prescribed medicines.

New Born Baby Amusement Essentials

To keep your baby laughing and playing all the time, the recreational essentials include: soft toys, bathing toys, rattles, swing, lullaby music and other development & educational toys and games.

New Born Baby Travelling Essentials

To make your travelling easy with the new born baby, the parents must have baby car seat, stroller, diaper bag and baby carrier. Just remember to purchase all the essentials, prior to/before baby opens his/her eyes, to avoid the last moment hassle or inconvenience!