Normal Birth Or C-Section?

When you are going to deliver the baby, actually you have no choice. If your pregnancy period was quite normal and problem free, then your obstetrician might wait for the baby to come out of its own.

However, if you had complications in pregnancy or during the birth process something gets terribly wrong, then your doctor has to go for a C-section or cesarean section to ensure good health for you and your newborn. So, ultimately it is not in your hand and you cannot opt for any one choice according to your preference.

As you cannot predict the scenario of your child birth, it is better to be informed about both the procedures. In case of normal delivery procedure, your obstetrician will wait for your contractions. Having contractions in small interval means you are almost ready for delivering the baby.

This is the time when you should not delay to reach the hospital. Only your doctor can check you to find out the status of your delivery. At the peak of your contractions, the opening of the uterus will get perfectly dilated and you will be asked to push for delivering the baby.

The decision of cesarean section is taken when for some acute problem you are unable to carry your child for the full term. In fact, while expecting a normal delivery, if you are not properly dilated or your unborn child faces some critical situation inside the womb, then also your doctor can make up his mind for bringing out the baby by surgery.

The cesarean section is done inside the operation theater considering all the basic rules and restrictions of general surgery procedure. An incision is made horizontally in the lower part of the abdomen to bring out the baby safely. During the operation, you will be under anaesthesia, either full or part.

There are pros and cons for both the procedures of giving birth to your baby. In case of c-section you do not have to go through the tedious process of delivery, however the recovery time is much more for the c-section than the normal birth. Whatever be the process, you should be mentally ready finally to have a healthy and happy child.