Nutrition Of The Mother-To-Be

We all know that pregnancy is the time to be most careful. Not only the mother-to-be, but the family as a while is particularly attentive to the needs of the baby and mother. Everything the mother consumes is transferred to the child, and it is therefore important to pay attention to what the mother should and should not be eating.

The first few months are difficult since the mother might experience morning sickness and nausea. This time is also known to cause general uneasiness and aversion to food. Allow the mother whatever she feels like eating, indulge her urges and temptations. Foods that should be avoided are those that cause heat in the body. The second trimester is when the baby develops and most of the body organs develop and grow.

By now the mother should also be over her morning sickness. This is when you should pay attention to the foods that you eat. Have plenty of fruits, include dry fruits in your daily diet. Eat plenty of fibrous foods, and foods rich in iron.

Some greens should be included in every day’s diet. Have a fistful of raisins daily, since they are rich in folic acid. Make sure you are not constipated, as this is common around this time. You should also include lots of fluids like water, buttermilk, and even coconut water. Natural fruit juices are also good. Vitamin C is important at this time.

You may also find that you have problems like bleeding gums or even recurring colds. Have lemon juice to supplement your vitamin C intake. The last trimester is when rapid growth occurs. The baby grows the most at this time.

It may be more difficult to eat at this time since the baby is so large, and you tend to feel full and heavy almost always. Continue to eat healthy. You should will need a lot of energy to prepare yourself for child birth and the time after since you will be getting used to life with an infant and it’s demands.

Make sure you have the energy for it. While it may be a little difficult for you to have large meals, eat smaller portions at shorter intervals. Have plenty of milk just before you deliver to ensure proper flow of milk to the child after your delivery. This is a wonderful source of calcium to the body as well. All through your pregnancy, it is important to avoid eating very spicy food.

The tendency to develop heartburn and acidity is higher at this time, so keep food moderate. Remember that the child is also getting a part of all these poisons. Avoid having aerated drinks. They are high in carbon dioxide and are very bad for the child. Alcohol is a complete no-no. Eat well and give your family a good life.