Nutritional Requirements During The Different Stages Of Pregnancy

Nutritional Requirements During The Different Stages Of PregnancyPregnancy is the most amazing time for a woman. It is the most wonderful time that a woman goes through in her life. A pregnancy period is for eight to nine months. At this time a woman needs a lot of support from her husband. This is because it will keep her happy, and being stress free and happy during pregnancy is really important.

The husband’s role is to provide any sort of help that his wife requires during her pregnancy time. During pregnancy, there are a lot of changes that a woman will experience different kinds of changes in her body. Good care is supposed to be taken during this time. You have to eat the right kind of food.

The food you eat should be healthy and should not have any kinds of side effects. Basically there are three stages of pregnancy; each stage is divided into trimesters. They are named as first trimester, second trimester and third trimester. Different trimesters have different changes inside the body. They also have different physical changes. It is important that the woman and her partner both have knowledge of all the stages of pregnancy.

Different Stages

All the three stages, the first trimester, second trimester and the third trimester are discussed below in this article.

First Trimester

This is the first stage that occurs during pregnancy. The first trimester covers thirteen to fourteen weeks of pregnancy, that is, almost three and a half months. In this, there are a lot of changes. If you are a first timer, it might be a little difficult for you. Vomiting and nausea will be some of the symptoms you are expected to experience. This also has another term for it, known as ‘morning sickness’. Besides that, body mass and breast size also changes during this stage. Tiredness is also a common thing to experience.

Food Requirement – First Trimester

It is important to get vitamins and minerals as they are important for the growth of our body. Calorie intake is also important during this stage of pregnancy. You need to consume at least two thousand calories for proper growth of your baby.

There are many types of foods that you can intake to keep a proper health of yourself and your baby. Try and eat lots of vegetables, especially leafy vegetables and fruits. Low fat dairy products, meat, whole grain etc are also important. Vitamin – B is also important for consumption. It helps in reproduction and cell growth. This vitamin can be found in fresh fruit, green plants, etc.

Second Trimester

This is the second stage that occurs during pregnancy. The second trimester covers from fourteen to twenty eight weeks. This is considered as the easiest period of all the three stages in pregnancy. This is because you start regaining energy and also because your body and mind have adapted to the fact that you are going to give birth to a child soon.

There is a term known as quickening. During quickening the women experience very faint movements of the baby. Occurring of contractions is also a common thing in this stage of pregnancy. The size of your stomach also starts increasing. During this stage, the baby starts developing. It gets its facial features. Baby’s lungs also start developing.

Food Requirement – Second trimester

diet for Second trimester

During this stage the intake of food rich in iron should be increased. Also, you have to change your intake of calories from two thousand to two thousand five hundred per day. Low fat milk, cheese, nuts, yoghurt are essential during this stage. These foods will help in meeting the daily requirement of calorie intake. Remember this always, please avoid alcohol during pregnancy. This can have a negative effect on you and your child which is supposed to be born.

Intake of foods rich in iron should be increased because your fetus requires iron from your body. This will be helpful after birth. Iron helps in strengthening the muscles of the body. Therefore, red meat should be taken in large amounts as it is rich in iron. Besides that, citrus fruits rich in vitamin – C will also help.

Third Trimester

This stage of the pregnancy goes from seventh month and until your baby is born. It is known as the preparation time for child birth. There will be some changes that you may experience during this stage. Your lower back might start paining a little.

Also, your breasts might start feeling loaded to the maximum. It will not be that easy to move around as there would be extra weight you would be carrying with you during this stage of pregnancy. Swelling in hands and legs are common symptoms during this stage. It is advised to make your self ready for the big day. There are many exercises that can help you for this. This is necessary because due to this many unexpected problems can be reduced.

Food Requirement – Third Trimester

The calorie intake remains the same, that is, two thousand five hundred calories per day. Remember to have lots of water. This will help you to remain hydrated. Avoiding alcohol is important. Your diet may increase a lot as there is another living organism inside you.

Take the same types of foods given above. Also remember that you have to increase the intake of foods rich in calcium. It is required for strengthening the baby’s bones and also to produce milk for breast feeding. Dairy products like cottage cheese, milk, and soymilk can help.


These are the basic stages that are experienced during pregnancy. Keep in mind to have a healthy diet. Avoid junk foods and oily food. Alcohol should be avoided all the time. Consuming at least 2 liters of water is important. Consulting your doctor is also very important because you doctor is the only one who can help you in any way you want. They give you the detailed information about everything. This can make your pregnancy period really easy for you.


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