Obesity In Children: Causes And Remedies

We all love those chubby cheeks and dimpled chins of our babies and find them really cute but sometimes, it can lead to the problem of overweight or obesity in children and teens.

Being obese or overweight introduces both health and emotional problems to children. Overweight or obese children are more prone to have diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol levels and heart problems in their latter life.

Also, the child is usually a subject of mockery among peers. Such children face difficulties in participating in activities which requires agility, like dance, sports and gymnastics. Well, the problem is not as bad as it sounds; in fact can be easily overcome by taking some small steps.

Causes of Overweight or Obesity

The increasing fashion of fast food is one of the major factors of obesity. The fast food is usually called the junk food because it has very high content of fats and calories and is very low in proteins. Another reason is, parents are busier at work and get less time to cook food at home, hence, more and more eating out.

Also, children usually have their meals while watching television; as a result, they are unaware on how much they are eating. Nowadays, children spend less time in physical sports and are more interested in watching cartoons, playing video games or surfing the net. All these factors contribute heavily in introducing childhood obesity.

Some Remedies

First and foremost, keep a check on your child’s food. Introduce some healthy eating habits; give him food which has high protein content as compare to fats. Also, when eating out order foods like salads, juices, grilled fishes and chicken. At home make some alterations, use peanut butter instead of butter, make fresh juices and replace simple bread with multi grain bread.

Monitor the amount of meal the child is taking; instead of having one large meal at a time it is better to have small portions at regular intervals. Most importantly, switch off television while eating, encourage your child to play out more.

It takes time to shed those extra pounds, so have patience. It is not easy for your child also to restrict his eating habits. Keep motivating him, try to explain him the benefits of being healthy and always be with him. He will need your support more than ever.