Odds Of Getting Pregnant

Couples who suffer from certain fertility problems usually find it difficult conceive. Many times healthy couples having a healthy sexual life and sound reproductive system may try to conceive but fail in their efforts. On the contrary, there are chances that couples practicing safe and protected sex may conceive against their desire. Both the situations result in disappointment and frustration. Here we will discuss about the odds of getting pregnant.

There are a number of factors that are accountable for the odds of getting pregnant.

Age – A woman who is in her early twenties has the greatest odds of getting pregnant. After this age the odds of getting pregnant slowly decline. Fertility in women who are in their mid or late thirties normally declines by up to fifty percent. And fertility declines by over ninety percent in women who are in the age group of early to mid forties. Fertility in men is also adversely affected by the passing age.

Time Frame Of menstruation – Time frame of menstruation is another important factor that determines the odds of getting pregnant. The average menstrual cycle is twenty eight days. Usually ovulation occurs 14 days prior to the beginning of a woman’s period.

The egg released during ovulation can survive for forty eight hours and the sperm released by the partner can survive for 2-3 days. Hence the most suitable time to indulge in sex to get pregnant is 13-16 days prior to the beginning of the next period.

Now you must be aware of the signs of ovulation. In simple terms they include minor abdominal twinges, an increased basal temperature, and vaginal discharge resembling egg whites.

Fertilization – The odds of getting pregnant are also determined by fertilization. Though a single ejaculation excretes millions of sperms only a limited number make their way to the fallopian tube.

While the sperm is still alive if the ovum is also currently present in the fallopian tube, there is a chance of fusion to take place. With the limited survival time for the sperm and the presence of a number of barriers to cross for fusion, the probability of fertilization remains only 25%.

Good Health – Odds of getting pregnant also depend on the individual health of the couples and their lifestyle. Hence to increase your odds of getting pregnant you must consume a well balanced diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

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