Omega Fish Oil During Pregnancy

Omega fish oil benefits not only the pregnant mother but also a new born child. A baby should be given omega fish oil so that he becomes healthy as the baby grows up. The omega fish oil is said to be very beneficial for the overall health of the body.

The brain of the baby is 70% DHA which is found in fish oil. So if a pregnant woman consumes it then the brain of the baby gets directly benefited. Fish oil also contains EPA and DPA which are equally important for the health of the child. The eyes and the brain of the baby get benefited from the all important DHA.

Fatty acids are necessary for the overall development of the bay and also for the following

a)    increasing co-ordination between eye and hand
b)    development of the respiratory system of the baby
c)    development of the cardiac system of the baby
d)    neurological development of the baby

Pregnant Women

Omega 3 fatty acids help to prevent miscarriage and premature birth. Hence the omega fish oil is very essential for the good health of a pregnant woman. Deficiency in EPA and DHA can lead to post partum depression. The term post partum depression refers to the transfer of some brain mass from the mother to the child during the last stages of pregnancy. Fatty acids also help to lower the blood pressure of a pregnant woman and prevent infection.

Don’t eat fish

Many experts believe that pregnant women should avoid eating fish. But the reality is that they don’t need to stop eating fish altogether but take care that certain dangers like food poisoning and mercury from eating fish are avoided. This can be done by ignoring certain fish types in your daily diet. The fishes that a pregnant woman should avoid are – mackerel, tilefish, marlin, white tuna, and swordfish.

The omega fish oil can be had from natural supplements too. But should buy branded fish oil from a reputable store. Always ask for the triple purified fish oils as they pose minimal risk to pregnant women and the unborn baby. Avoid fish oil brands that are not popular as they may contain high mercury level.