Organic Diapers

The recent years have seen a tug of war between modernization and tradition when it comes to diapers. On the one hand is the traditional cloth diaper and the disposable diaper. On the other hand is the newly introduced organic diaper, made of biodegradable material.

Of course, more and more people prefer to go in for organic diapers. There are numerous benefits with regard to these organic diapers. To begin with, they are easy to use and easy to dispose of.

Flushing them down a drain will not have to give you nightmares of clogged drains in the future. You can also compost these diapers. All of this makes organic diapers extremely eco-friendly.

Benefits Of Organic Diapers

To begin with, organic diapers can be safely disposed of by either flushing them down or by using them as compost, without any environmental impacts. Apart from this, these diapers are easy on the delicate skin of your baby and are even more absorbent than cloth diapers. This will ensure that your baby is kept dry and comfortable for long.

The biggest benefit of organic diapers is the fact that they do not cause allergies due to the fact that they are completely natural. Therefore, you do not have to run the risk of exposing your baby to skin irritations and rashes.

Choosing Organic Diapers

1. The most affordable organic diapers are the pre-fold ones. Apart from being more economical to purchase, these diapers can be adjusted easily. However, you will need to keep in mind that it can be a rather cumbersome process to tie the pre-fold diapers. Also, there are higher chances of leakages if they do not fit your baby perfectly.

2. Completely organic cloth diapers come in a range of sizes and are completely adjustable. As these diapers have elastic fittings, they are less prone to leaks, and therefore your baby’s chances of suffering from diaper rashes are reduced.

3. If you would like to save on time, you can go in for the all-in-one organic diapers that are available in a large number of colours and sizes, and which are extremely easy to fix. These diapers are washable and come with moisture barriers that prevent leakages.

4. Pocket sized all-in-one diapers are available as well, just in case you would need to carry along a diaper or two when you take your baby out.

Joy Natarajan