Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

Tiny little feet running about, little hands learning to grasp, little lips trying to express are probably God’s most beautiful and interesting creation. The growing phase is a wonderful learning experience for both mother and child. When you have a toddler around it is very natural to wonder how to keep them occupied. There are several ways you can keep your little girl or little boy busy. It is important to remember that these early years are very important for your little baby.

You need to teach him shapes, colors, textures, sounds and help him develop normally. There should be activities that involve running around, grasping, holding and the like.

Playing with sand is a wonderful fun activity for toddlers. Even if you do not have a large play area you may consider providing a large plastic wheeled tub preferably lidded to ensure the sand remains clean. You need to have spades, buckets, spoons, sifters, and funnels for digging, sifting, pouring and building. You may pick these up at toy stores or you can be imaginative and convert your old usable kitchen utensils. Water play is another fun activity that toddlers enjoy. You may use a plastic paddling pool, plastic tub or even the baby tub but be sure to supervise water play. Even small accidents may be dangerous. You may even add a little food coloring, use a hose or sprinkler; add some ice cubes during summer to make play more interesting.

Another thing toddlers love is going out. If they see you getting ready to go out for a walk they become excited and overjoyed. Take them around the neighborhood, go to the nearby park, get some food items and try a picnic or you may pick up some leaves for a craft activity or do anything creative. You may get some nice children books from the local library or if the climate is really cold try making snowmen and playing with snowballs.

Sometimes it get tiring keeping the little one inside so bring those indoor activities outside. Try some messy crafts with glue, scissors, glitter etc or get some large boxes, make them paint it, cut a door and window and let them play in their little house. Occupying your toddler just needs patience, imagination and creativity.

Esther Gideon


The author is a postgraduate in business management and is a mother of a four year old and an eight month old.