Overweight Toddlers

A problem which is as serious as children who are underweight is an overweight baby. Mother’s shes tears when they hear that their little baby is put on a diet and that his food must be controlled. An overweight baby is believed to be one whose weight is found to be  more than two percentiles over the calculated height.

When your baby is overweight, you must be careful. Often being overweight is believed when they find the baby being very chubby and dimpled. This is not a necessary indicator, however. The real way to check is by calculating.

If your child is found to be overweight, you may find that it eases out as the child picks up activity. Children who walk late and are less mobile will take longer to lose baby fat. As they move around, they will also become less preoccupied with food.

Obesity can occur when the parents themselves are overweight. You must watch your own weight before you get pregnant, or you could be making your child’s life very difficult. Being overweight is most often a combination of factors that are both hereditary and environmental.

The more babies are overweight, the tendency to have a higher body weight will carry on in to later stages in childhood and also adulthood, so you must be very careful to treat this early. There are many ways to help your child lose weight if he needs to.

Stop feeding the baby using bottles. The child will suck on them endlessly, whether it is a bottle with juice or even milk.

Parents feel very happy when their children finish tons of food, and they find a great sense of satisfaction. This is very bad, since some children just enjoy being given the attention and care. The reason for eating is not the food itself, but the whole process of being fed. If your child likes to eat, make sure you give him his basic feeds and what is necessary.

Avoid sweets, fried foods and desserts, as he is getting enough from his regular foods. Also give your child the opportunity to eat on his own. Make fixed times for meals and do not keep feeding the child indiscriminately. Often, parents keep feeding the child through the day and one meal runs into the other. Discourage this.