Packing Before Delivery

Everyone is concerned about your well being once they find out that you are pregnant. Advice begins to pour in on what to eat what to do and what not to do. All this is responsible for the great feeling you are anyway going through because you are pregnant. Care that you have never taken becomes the prime focus as you are now responsible for a new being.

As you pass through each month the doctor monitors you and tells you how to deal with the problems you may be going through. Once you enter into the third trimester you begin to be more careful and limit a lot of your normal routines. This is a good time to keep your hospital bag packed and ready to go. Even though you are not close to your due date it is advisable to be ready by the time you are into the eighth month. This is something only you can do so don’t wait as chances are you may deliver before that.

Some of the basic things you need will be two to three front opening night suits. You will be able to wear your regular clothes a day after the delivery. Carry the trousers you wore in the eighth month along with some cotton front open shirts as you would lose some amount of your weight.As people are going to visit you must carry a bag of cosmetics containing lipstick, creams and powder. It is normal to have a regular bath and wash your hair contrary to what people tell you. So throw in that shampoo. You need to feel fresh and good about yourself. Carry at least three feeding bras and invest in two pairs of breast pads as milk may leak out of the breast. As you will bleed heavily get yourself some tight fitting underwear’s preferably with a plastic lining to prevent staining the clothes.

Perfume and deodorant is not advised as the baby may react differently to the smell. It is necessary for the baby to experience the natural smells of the mother. Most importantly don’t forget your doctor’s papers. It is a good idea to give someone else the responsibility of getting the bag.