Parental Guidance For Developing Reading Habits In Kids

Kids need to be guided in the best way by their parents to develop the habit of reading. The first person a child sees reading is his parents. The first step which parents can take at the earliest is to read good story books to their kids whenever they get time not just the bedtime.

Seeing believes, so if your child will see you reading he will also get curious about the books. That is the right time to strike the iron , ask him about his interests and spend on few good books with beautiful and colourful pictures which will create his interest in that book. Yard sales and local libraries also give access to good books without spending much on them.

Try developing a mutual friendship relation between your child and the books. When your child starts reading try helping him out by explaining about the book and the pictures by pointing finger at the words. Help him with difficult words; try taking his views about the book. If he is reading a story book ask him to narrate the story to his siblings or to you.

Reading should be developed as fun activity and not a compulsion, try to act out some portions of the story to arouse greater interest in the book. Make a separate space for his books, so that he knows where to pick his books from, display your books too to make him realize the importance of books in your life too.

Instead of visiting shopping malls for clothes and outings, take him to some good book shops also. Do not just buy books for reading only; you can buy books for colouring along with some message. Such books will also help in developing love for books in the kids.

When the child grows and starts realising the importance of reading buy him books of his choice. Gift him books whenever you want to acknowledge his efforts. Try to teach him the difference between reading for fun and reading for knowledge, so that he develops interest in both kinds of books.

POPFICTION is the newest tool on the block which integrates multimedia with reading. Activities like hip hop, drawing, painting, clay moulding, 3D animation and various other digital tools are integrated with the book information thus making book reading more interactive and catchy for kids. This tool can be of great help to develop reading habits in your kid.

In order to develop the habit you have to be an active participant, initially read the book aloud to your kid. Make the reading sessions interactive and comfortable. Do not pressurize him to read. Answer all the queries related to the book by showing him the pictures in the book.

Teach him how to look for answers about anything in the encyclopaedias; they are a great knowledge bank. Hefty sales of HARRYPOTTER books and the seventh and the last harry potter book broke all the records by selling over 10 million hard copies thus suggesting that reading books is still the most popular hobby amongst kids . So why not make your kid also an avid reader and join the league.