Parenting Advice – Helful Tips For New Parents

The very foundation of being an effective parent relies on the kind of faith that this great nation once have. Parents who weren’t afraid to reprimand and don’t spare the rod when their kids err.

But as decades and decades went by, as cultures after cultures have been corrupted and been thwarted to the founding principles that it was once built upon.

Even the very foundation
of the strongest institution in the world which is the family became corrupted. Producing parents who keep their eyes close on every wrong deed that their children commit.

Parenting advice has never been the same than it used to be way back when, when children listens when their parents speaks and respect every words and advice they utter. But now, with the influence of the modern world such value which was once the very foundation of such a great nation is slowly dying to its desolation.

Parenting advice is now merely a word for some children that they may give some time to listen to, but let it pass on the other ear once out of the house.

Who has the greater influence nowadays among our kids? It’s their friends and now the primary competitor of parents today is the Internet. Kids spend countless hours in front of the internet not minding their parents, whether they are talking or not. Do you think there would be single parents and early pregnancies if only children still listens to their parents?  Corruption doesn’t only happen in every government, even in homes.

Oftentimes, parents finally have given up giving advices to their hard headed kids and let then just do what they want to do.  Who then is to blame such corruption of values and the most sacred institution in the world?

No matter how hard a parent may try to give time, in giving parenting advice to their kids. But due to stronger influence of friends and acquaintances often times or most of the times parent’s advices fall into deaf ears.

Not unless parents
will start to get back on their feet and start disciplining their child the old and proper way of nurturing and raising a child. Time will come when the world will be dominated by people who have no conscience and people without regard of other people’s feelings.

Parenting advice then should and must start at an early age; it cannot be separated from the proper way of disciplining a child. After all, if parents would only train their child on the way he or she should go, surely such a child will not depart from what his or her parents had taught them.