Parenting Approach Influence The Child’s Character And Behavior

Every parent has different parenting style and approach toward upbringing but if one goes wrong in their approach the child is bound to inherit erroneous character and behaviors pattern. Let’s look into some of the inapt parents approach and influence on kids.

Comparing Parents

In today’s competitive environment parents tend to become comparative and always form the bench mark for kids to compete with and raise their potential to bench mark determined by them. The comparing nature may help till child gains the maturity but once they begin to understand, their behavior turns out to be completely snobbish and consider show off.

Guidelines for parents

First reform step starts from home, parents should never compare their one kid with another, since this will stimulate the superiority complex in one and inferiority complex in another. Even on the small successful event appreciate your child; parent’s appraisal and appreciation boast the child’s confidence and they tend to feel very secure.

Every child is different; hence the upbringing approach should always be in congruence with their temperament and aptitude. It is parent’s responsibility to discover the potential and the week points of the child for appropriate upbringing.

Suspicious parents

Such parents are one step ahead of insecure and over protective parents. They behave like shadow and keep eye on children, watch their every activity with some suspicion in mind. With this kind of parenting approach, kids tend to lie at later stage and lack trust on others.

In child’s favor, parents need to change the habit of being suspicions. Instead of keeping eye on kids, parent must talk to them openly in very friendly manner. Mutually agree on the liking and disliking factors which trouble parents and persuade parents to be suspicious on some occasion.

Parents must consider the fact in child’s growing years they will make some mistakes in order to gain experience and learn from them, hence parents must maintain trust on kids and guide child for right future path.

Parents using inapt language

Not all the parents tend to be literate and due to illiteracy or backward background parents may lack proper communication skills and use the inappropriate language at home in presence of kids as well.  Parent’s inapt behavior gives birth to indecent and loud kid and hence they will not be appraised socially.

The amendment takes place from parent’s end. Firth they must improve their language and learn to be courteous with kids. If  kids are making mistakes parents must realize them but in very polite and subtle manner, not by shouting and using ill words.  Never unnecessarily lie in front of kids; they will imitate the similar behavior at later stage or in their adolescents. Follow the well mannered conduct and for no good reason use the ill words in your communication.