Parenting;Its Influence On Child Development

It is a fact established beyond doubt that the personal and social development of a child is most influenced by their parents.Specific behavior of the parent toward their child in baby development stages determines the character development and personality of the child in the coming years.

Parenting is a complex activity and involves responsibility of the highest level. Keeping up with your growing child and being on the same emotional wavelength is extremely important for proper development of the baby.

The primary role of every parent is to positively influence, teach and imbibe into the child the importance of good values and principles. This is only possible if the parents themselves are good role model of such behavior.The overall behavior of the child is influenced to a large extent by the type of parenting skills.

Some parents believe in bringing up a child with a lot of leniency and freedom. The child is allowed a fair amount of self regulation and situations leading to confrontation are usually avoided, by acceding to most of the demands of the child.

This type of parenting though not socially very acceptable, can benefit the child in making decisions at an early age and instill a sense of responsibility in them. However, some sort of leverage is required, so that the child can very clearly differentiate  between what is  right and wrong.

On the other hand some parents are very demanding and expect the child to obey the orders thrown at them without questioning them.They are intrusive and decide everything for their child, irrespective of whether the child is comfortable with their decisions or not. This style of parenting is highly unacceptable by today’s standards of parenting norms. There is every chance that the child may either exhibit a submissive character or develop rebel streaks and question every social norm, just to offset the harsh disciplining  of the childhood days.

Some parents are  authoritative but equally responsive to the demands of the child. They see the need to develop their child into a socially responsible as well as independently thinking person, who can be cooperative, but question wrong doings when the need arises.

On the other extreme there are some parents who are uninvolved in the growth process of the child and just lets the child drift in and out of circumstances. This is perhaps the most dangerous style of parenting and can affect the mental development of the child to an extreme extent.