Parenting Styles Determine The Child’s Personality

Parents are role models for their kids hence their actions and acts have been very carefully monitor by kids and with their growing years adopt the same in their life. Hence parent’s temperament and behavior pattern lays foundation in building the child’s personality.

Excessively caring parents or helicopter parents

When parents tend to be excessively caring or rather we can say over protective, kids tends to be under confidence and face difficulties, in dealing with even minor problems of life. Also they find it very difficult to be self dependent and right decision maker for themselves.

Since we know that over protection shall be very dangerous for kids and create numerous problems, hence instead of being overprotective allow kids to perceive the world in their own way. Advice or interfere in their decisions only when asked. Permit your toddler to help themselves in their regular routine work such as arranging their room, books for school and preparing their food platter, this will make them self dependent at later stage.

Parent’s over expectation

All parents expect something from their child but unrealistic expectation makes the child’s life miserable which lead them to face inner guilt and sometime worsen the situation to commit suicide. Such parent tends to overburden the kids with their expectations to rank top in class or extracurricular activities. With excess mental pressure kids become the victim of depression and stress and fail to perform even to their accurate potential.

Guidelines for parents

Instead of creating the pressure on kids help generate the self energy to contract in competent environment. Demotivating talks or devaluing their performance shall work in adverse direction, instead parents must motivate them to participate more and work hard for new completion event.

Never over react and over expect, first minutely observe your child emotional and intelligence level and deal with them accordingly. Some parents try to fulfill their unturned wishes through their kids which forms the undesirable pressure on kids and in race to live up to expectation kids personality at later stage turn out to be sissy, guilty and self blaming even though they are not accountable for committing mistake.