Parenting – The Adverse Effects Of Extreme Disciplining

Most of us make the mistake of never analyzing the way we bring up our children unless we  have some problems with their behavior. It is the firm belief of most parents that bringing up a child comes naturally to them.

Parenting, however, is a much more complex task. It requires continuous adaptation to the changing demands of the child, lots of dedication, oodles of effort and limitless amount of patience. Parenting is in fact an art which like any other form of art matures with time and practice.

Every individual has their own style of parenting and it usually is a measure of how they themselves were brought up by their parents. If a parent has been raised with a lot of discipline and punishment, it is almost a given ,that they will bring up their child in the same manner. There can be exceptions, but child psychologists aver that this is true in a majority of the cases.

The manner of raising a child can shape the characteristics and personality of the child as he/she grows up. An authoritarian approach ,where the child is expected to obey and behave exactly as their parent wishes, can have a very negative effect on the mental development of child. It is often the cause of the child developing a defensive attitude and a pessimistic approach towards life.

Normal parenting revolves around issues of control according to experts in the field. It is assumed that the primary role of each and every parent is to control, influence and teach their child. There can be difference in approach in achieving this objective, but the intention remains the same  for all parents.

The parents believe that the child must be integrated into the family’s way of living and behavior and to reach that objective they deem it necessary to discipline the child and supervise their acts constantly. Any deviation from the accepted norms of behavior is termed as indiscipline.

Research on the many styles of parenting by competent authorities on the subject, consistently throws up the fact that the social and psychological development of the child is influenced to a very considerable extent by the type of disciplining and upbringing the child is subjected to in their formative years of development.

It is therefore crucial that parents adopt the right methods of parenting to influence positive characteristics in the child as they grow up to be responsible citizens.