Parenting Tips For Working Mother

You may find it very difficult to manage your office, home and a demanding child in a right manner. But it is not an impossible task.Provide your child with all the necessary things that he may need in your absence.

If possible, try to find a child care centre which has good facilities which are necessary for your child. This will relieve you of a lot of tension regarding the child.

A very major problem faced by working mothers is that they are unable to breast feed their babies due to long working hours. The solution is very simple. Buy a breast pump and pump the milk into some clean container or a bottle and give it to the caretaker.

When you come back home after a tiring day, spending some time with your children will make you forget all your tensions. Whatever little time you have for your child, try to spend it in a nice way and create a strong bonding with your child.

Kids always need love and affection from their parents, so you should respect that demand and keep weekends off for them so that you can spend some quality time with your children. Play with them, help them in their studies and do whatever your child likes.

Always make sure that you have at least one meal of the day, preferably dinner with your kids. Switch off the television. Make it a family bonding time. Plan their activities for the next day. Just enjoy the company of your kids.

Do not always run after your child for small things. Let him face his own little problems and take decisions. This will help him in understanding the world and being responsible.

Remember, parenting involves both the parents. It is very important to share the responsibilities of a child. The key to becoming a super mom is the good health of the mother. For that always take some time out for your gym or meditation, spa or any other activity that you enjoy so that your mind and body remain calm and fresh.

A working mother is a role model for her children as she balances her work life and her home in a beautiful manner. So never feel guilty about anything as there are some good days as well as bad days in everyone’s life.

chhavi khullar