Parenting Tips: Improve Study Skills Of Your Children

Many children, despite of their limitless potential, find it difficult to concentrate in studies and do well in academics. It does not entail that they are dumb in studies or cannot excel in academics.

The problem lies in the lack of the correct motivation which can inspire them to study and score well in academics. The very first step to enhance the learning skill of your child is to alter his attitude towards study and make him realize the importance of good educational qualification.

Many children develop an indifferent attitude towards study and tend to ignore tasks related to studies. Parents need to ensure that their child should not develop such an attitude. If you are a parent make sure that your child takes interests in studies and does not feel it as a burden.

You need to be patient with your child. Punishing your child or scolding him to study is not going to arouse his interest in education. Teach your child about time management and how he can strike a balance between studies and play without compromising on any of them.

Help your child in preparing a schedule where the child can incorporate his fixed activities like studying with other flexible activities like watching television, playing, etc. Get rid of activities which are a complete waste of time.
While preparing the schedule, make arrangements for rest-intervals during which the child can relax himself and then get back to studies with renewed vigor.

Make time to study all subjects and plan the schedule keeping in mind the time required to study a difficult subject as compared to the time required to study an easier one. Help your child with studies by becoming his tutor.

This will give you a chance to spend more time with your child and at the same time ascertain the problem areas of your child. If your child finds it difficult to concentrate, put off the studies for a while and take him out for a stroll in the park. Don’t overburden your child and make sure that he gets time for recreational activities as well.