Parenting Tips: Spending Time With Your Children

Nowadays usually both the parents are working and can spare less time to spend with their children. The hectic work schedules and professional obligations can act as a hurdle in bonding with your child.

In order to build a healthy rapport and connect with your child it is important to spend some quality time with your child. Make sure that you have dinner with your kids every day. If you are working and don’t get enough time, you can plan to go for a stroll in the park after dinner with your child every day.

You can get ample time to chat with your child and ask her about her day while enjoying the walk. You can also engage your child in some interesting activity while you go for a walk like a mind puzzle, etc. Though you might feel tired after a long day at work, do not ignore your child when you come home. Take out some time to play with your child.

Children cherish these little moments of spending time with their parents.
As a parent, it is your responsibility to take interest and track the progress of your child in academics. Help your child with her homework or ask her what she learned in the school. Make sure that you attend every parent-teacher meeting and address any concern of your child related to school or studies.

Keep a check on your child’s peer group to ensure that she does not mingle with the bad company. Try to connect with the parents’ of your child’s friend.
Whenever you get an off from work, plan a small vacation or an outing with your children. Take them to exciting places where they can have fun. Or else involve your children in some household chore which you both can perform together.

At night, read a fairytale or a story book while putting your child to bed. Enroll yourself with your kid in a hobby course in vacations. Drop your child to school in the morning. Plan activities like these to stay in touch with your child and ensure your child that you are there for her.