Problems Occurring When Parenting A Child & Ways To Solve Them

Every parent wants to set themselves as the role model for their kid. They wish and want to adopt the best parenting style for their kid. It helps in shaping the brain, physical and emotional development of the kid.

Thus parenting style contributes towards future development of their young ones. This requires building a healthy and quality relationship between the two. A kid undergoes a lot of emotional and physical development at every growing stage of their childhood and adolescent .His perception, thought and habit, keeps on changing from time to time. That is, as he grows, he exhibit different attitude and behavior.

His approach is different for the same thing during different stages of his life. So, it’s very important for parents to understand their kid behavior and act accordingly.A parent is always surrounded by their kid’s problem. This is one of the major challenge faced by every parent and is termed as parenting problem.

Parenting problem is a series of different situations faced by every parent. It is different at different levels and can be thus categorised into initial parenting problem and later parenting problem. Every parenting problem needs to be dealt carefully by parents. They must involve their child to know the root cause of the problem and solve them with the right approach.

Initial parenting problems :

During early years of childhood, kids may pick up wrong habit like lying,fighting, becoming picky eaters , speaking loudly etc.This wrong behavioral problems developed in kids ,make them behave in an unacceptable manner. Solving such parenting problems requires, developing a better understanding by parents. Parents should try and know the real reason due to which their kids develop such wrong habits. Beside this, parents must practice what they preach.

Lying is one of the major parenting problems faced by every parent. So, when parents realize that their kid has developed the habit of lying, they must try and focus on factors which compel their child to lie. The reason may be many like lack of attention, fear, peer pressure etc.So, in, in such situations parents must ponder their unconditional love and attention to their child.

Developing good hygiene habit starts from the early age of childhood. So, kids must be taught the habit of washing their hands before and after eating their meals. They must be encouraged and motivated to do so. Parents should themselves practice this habit to set an example in front of their kids. Such practices performed by parents, encourage and help their kid to learn and pick up the habit from home.

Kids must be taught the habit of keeping and arranging their toys and other stuff once done. This habit once inculcated, will always help them to be arranged in later stages of their life.However, while developing such habits, parents should also involve themselves and extend their helping hand to their kid.

Many kids, when start going to play school or creche, develop the feeling of separation anxiety. This is another very common parenting problem faced by almost every parent. For this parent must try and boost the confidence level of their kid. They must keep their kid informed and updated about the up coming changes. They must be introduced to the school and teachers well in advance. Kids must be assured that their parents will be always there for them when needed. These activities performed by parents, build the moral of the child and help to relieve the stress developed due to phobia of separation anxiety.

Many kids have the habit of speaking loudly and arrogantly. These tantrums increase all the more at public places. So, instead of shouting and throwing instructions on them, parents should focus on the reason for their kid’s behavior .First and foremost, parents must evaluate themselves or other family member who speaks loudly. If they find it’s their fault, parents must correct themselves and develop the habit to speak politely and softly. Second reason, may be that the kid has developed the habit to shout and speak loudly to grab the attention of their elders. In such cases, parents must pay attention and unconditional love to their kids.This helps to boost confidence in them.

Later parenting problems

As child grows, in addition to the above mentioned parenting problems, kids start facing other problems related to their school and social situations. Kids spend maximum of their time in school. It is the place where they meet and make new friends. They interact with them and learn good as well as bad habits.Therefore, its important for parents to keep a regular check on their kid’s habits and their behavior.

Smoking, drinking alcohol, drug abuse etc are few parenting problems faced by parents. These wrong habits attract kids and make them their easy prey .They some how appeal to kids especially in their adolescent age and trap them. So, as kids grow parents must keep a check on their teenager’s friend’s list and their changing behavior .Parents must keep their child aware of the wrong and bad habits .They must provide them sufficient emotional support, encourage playing games and spending quality time with them.

Peer pressure is another major parenting challenge. Parents must groom their kids in a way that their kids are ready to face all the hurdles in their life strongly. They should not bow down to the problems rather they must take it as a challenge, stick to their family values and strive towards their goal.

Parents are not perfect creature’s .Knowingly or unknowingly, they have their own share of issues which are reflected in their behavior. These habits or behaviors are picked up automatically by their kids.So, every parent must try and correct themselves before correcting their child and thus set themselves as the role models.

Every parent must not over expect from their kids.This hampers their growth and development. So, allow the kid to behave in accordance with their age. Allow them to enjoy life and learn from their mistakes

Approach to solve parenting problem

Thus, every parent face their share of parenting problem .All the parenting problems can be solved .Some take long time, some take short time and some can be solved instantly .The major issue is to understand and recognize the problem. Solving parenting problem involves following steps:

* Identify the problem
* Determine the goal
* Chalk out all the possible solution
* Choose the solution
* Re evaluate

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