Parenting Your Girl Through Puberty

Parenting is a challenging task and so is answering the wise questions these children ask that sometimes honestly we are not quite sure how to answer and many times we ourselves do not know the answer.
Puberty is a strange time for a girl…she is caught between childhood and womanhood, confused on what do and many times does not feel open to speak with her mother.

Firstly it is important as a mother to keep the lines of communication open. Let her know you are always there for her and will be able to clear all her queries.

It is good to speak to a child about her first period may be after she reaches a certain age probably seven to eight years would be ideal. Do not be too explicit and vivid but you can tell her the level you think her little mind will understand.

But be sure you know enough to educate her. Today with the internet and information at the click of a mouse it will not take much time for you to educate yourself.

Let the child be aware of her sexuality the pubic changes that will take place and that she is no longer a kid. She will need to behave like a young lady and be careful about where she goes and what she wears.

Do not wait for her to have a sex education class in school or to read some material on the same to find out. You will need to take her through the process and stand by her as she would feel strange and left out.

Go with her to get her first bra and let her get what she feels best comfortable in. Let her know the pubic changes that will take place like pubic hair, breast maturity and so on.

Do not feel embarrassed to discuss these basic issues with your daughter, she may feel more comfortable to talk private issues with you than a stranger.

Let her know that if anyone tries to touch her and she does not like it, you must be informed. With the increasing rise in child abuse cases it is important to keep the child aware.

Esther Gideon


The author is a postgraduate in business management and is a mother of a four year old and an eight month old.