PCOS: Not The End Of Road For Women

Women who are trying to conceive often get the shock of their life if they are diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). To most women fertility is an important issue. In earlier times, there was a trend among women to get married early, conceive almost immediately and have as many as 10 – 12 children in their lifetime.

Obviously during that time contraception was almost totally unheard of. But things have changed now. Women now wait till their thirties and then try for a baby. However, this is a well known fact that as women ages the fertility also decreases to a certain extent. This is mainly because as the woman ages, the eggs also age simultaneously.

So for a 30 – year old woman the eggs are about 31 years of age. You must also remember that with advancing age certain complications that are associated with pregnancy also crop up such as pelvic infection and endometriosis.These medical conditions, no doubt, hamper the fertility of a woman. Even in men the sperm count decreases with advancing age.

But unfortunately, many women who are diagnosed with PCOS are informed that they are infertile. This gives them the wrong notion that they can have unprotected sex and as a result they sometimes become pregnant unexpectedly. So it means that women with PCOS do not have any problems with conception. But they surely need some help to become pregnant.

Always remember that women with polycystic ovaries and regular periods should have absolutely no problems in getting pregnant. But women with irregular periods also have a good chance of getting pregnant. There are many instances of women who have just two periods a year but still have lovely children and that too without the help of any fertility drugs.

Women, on their part, can increase their fertility by losing the excess fat around the midriff and through regular exercise. You should start exercising before becoming pregnant to avoid any condition of diabetes during pregnancy.

It can be said that women with PCOS do have certain fertility issues but they can get pregnant naturally. This is a norm and not an exception. A low fat diet along with exercise helps in ovulation and helps to avoid miscarriage.