Pelvic Floor Exercise During Pregnancy

Pelvic floor muscles are a very important part of your body, as they help to hold your bladder, uterus and bowel in place. They also help and give you control when you empty your bladder.

Your pelvic floor muscles become weak due to the weight of your growing baby during pregnancy and cannot work effectively. Weak pelvic muscles sometimes allow urine to leak, especially while you sneeze or laugh. It can also reduce sexual sensitivity and leads to prolapsed of womb in later life.

These exercises are easy and can be practiced any time during the day and they help in strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. You just need to practice slow and fast pelvic floor exercises which can be done anywhere and no one will know. You can simply stand your shoulder and bottom against the wall and keep your knee soft.

While exercising you then just need to pull your belly button towards your spine and hold it for a few seconds before you release and repeat the exercise a number of times. Otherwise, you can close your back passage as if trying to prevent bowel movement and then release it. Do this exercise quickly by tightening and releasing the muscles immediately.

Then do the same exercise slowly holding the contraction as long as possible before you relax and then repeat.  There are also many other exercises apart from this which can be done to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

There are also many other benefits that you gain by doing these exercise during and after pregnancy. The best benefit of these exercise are they relive you from stress that you are facing during pregnancy and helps you feel better. These exercises also help you enjoy your sex life without any side effects.

There is no risk factor or side effect involved with these exercises and it is a natural way of improving your sex life.  Regularly practice these pelvic exercises will improve your blood circulation to various part of your body including the pelvic area. Moreover, it also prepares you for the labor during pregnancy.

geeta krishnan