Personal Hygiene in Kids

Maintaining a personal hygiene is of prime importance for every individual. Awareness needs to be created in kids regarding personal hygiene details and should be encouraged to follow them right from their childhood. Importance of cleanliness and hygiene should be explained to kids .Home is the first place from where kids learn habits. Parents are their mentors.

So, it’s very essential for parents to set up a good example of maintaining good personal hygiene in their life, so that kids too start following them right from their childhood.

Kids must be taught the importance of good oral hygiene for their healthy teeth. This includes teaching those correct brushing techniques and its frequency. Thumb sucking, swallowing toothpaste etc should be discouraged. Parents must also  practice brushing their teeth along with their kids to make it exciting as well as easy  learning process for them. Visiting dentist regularly is also an important part of maintaining oral hygiene schedule.

Like brushing, bathing too is an important way of maintaining personal hygiene in kids. Kids must be taught the importance of bathing daily. They must know that bathing helps to keep them free from various germs and diseases and thus contributes towards their healthy life.

Provide them with kids soap or bathing gel to make bathing a fun activity for them.However, parents must make it a point to attend their babies while they are taking bath rather than leaving them alone in bathrooms to avoid any accidents.

Washing hands with antiseptic soaps or hand sanitizer is a must for kids especially before and after meals. Kids must be encouraged to practice it daily. In addition, even after coming from play, or school or market ,kids must be asked to wash their hands. This helps to keep them free from germs and hence  infections.

Maintaining trimmed, well washed hair is too important for kids.Besides this, nails of the hands and toes should also be trimmed regularly by parents to avoid germs from infecting their kids.

Kids must also be dressed prim and proper and wear well polished shoes rather than dressing themselves shabbily.

All these habits of maintaining personal hygiene in kids is vital for their development into healthy grown up adults.

Raka Raghuvanshi