Physical Changes During Pregnancy: Be Aware

The state of being pregnant is nature’s most prevalent wonder and there is no need to be apprehensive about changes, occurs in our body during pregnancy period. However there is absolute need to be aware of all the changes taking place in our different parts and be prepared to welcome the sea change in our life.

Face and eyes

We must have heard from our granny during pregnancy the shine and grace on face augments and this fact is 100% correct. It is because the blood volume in our body increases by 40% which reflect on our face. Some time it can work in adverse direction too, due to high blood volume some females tend to produce more estrogen and this result in acne on face.

Within six month of post delivery period all will vanish. As quoted by gynecologist, due to hormonal changes, 70% women tend to develop foggy brown skin layer around Eyes and in last quarter of pregnancy tend to develop swelling also. But all will vanish within few weeks after child’s birth.


Woman has to accept the fact that every part will face some change or the other, where some of the transformations set back after child’s birth and some of them reside for whole life.

The hormone called relacsin got tendency to loosen the ligaments due to which hips spread and appear unfastened. Since there is rapid weight gain and weight loss process hips tend to lose its elasticity but with proper exercise and yoga one can regain the shape.


It is fact that only after being pregnant the complete development of breast takes place. During pregnancy the milk glands rapidly generates and due to high blood flow, purple veins become apparent on upper breast area and converted pigment darken the color of nipples. It has been assured by gynecologist post delivery all veins comes in normal color but nipples retain the dark color forever.


Alike breasts legs also tend to retain purple spouted veins. Although majority of women develop swelling on lower leg area but this is not permanent situation it will amend after birth of the child. But one must remain ready to buy comfortable pair of footwear since your size will increase during pregnancy.