Plan A Different Birthday Party For Your Child

Plan A Different Birthday Party For Your ChildIt is a dream of every parent to give best to their child and that is why there has been a trend of celebrating birthday of your sweetheart every year with fun and great excitement. Even you keep on looking for new ideas to celebrate his birthday every year, so that your child can enjoy the day along with the guests too.

So here is something new which you can plan this year for your baby or child for his birthday, which will make his birthday party memorable and it is “High Tech Birthday”. All you need to do is some planning and your husband’s support to plan and implement this birthday party to make your child and guests happy.

Just imagine suddenly all the lights go out and a single ray of light falls on the wall and all the old photographs of your child like crawling , or learning to walk or cutting his first birthday cake or playing in his bathtub start flashing on that wall . Suddenly all the guests start clapping after watching this slideshow. You will definitely feel proud to plan such a thing which is certainly out of the box. It will not be boring and monotonous like old birthday parties.

Bye-Bye old Days

These days the young couples are techno savvy and they use this trick and knowledge to plan out an even worth remembering for their child. High tech birthday parties for kids are the latest trend too. Now calling a Mickey Mouse to shake hands with the kids or calling a magician has become too boring because they have been enjoying it for years in other birthday parties.

Theme parties can either be planned for the grownups or just for the kids only, because the theme which will be liked by kids will not be entertaining for adults and vice versa too holds good. SO the younger generation of parents thought of something engrossing for both the groups. These high tech parties are enjoyed by both the kids and the parents. D J is not the only entertaining stuff left for the birthday parties.

Why go High Tech

Event Managers say that these days parents have become creative and they want to do something special and out of the way for their child. They do not want to repeat the same old stuff so they want to celebrate in a High Tech way. Video Shows is the best example of this innovativeness, because each picture tells a story in itself.

Moreover there are so many old memories attached with every single picture which you would love to share with others. By making a whole slide show of some selected photographs you can playback or rewind the whole journey from the childbirth to the present birthday, which even the child will enjoy with his friends. This saves a lot of time also for the parent’s who have less time and they can make their child’s birthday party worth remembering this way.

How to make a slide show

Start with the pregnancy photographs when the baby was still in the womb. You can also add photographs with grandparents and relatives. You can add sweet one- liners also as text with the photographs but keep the text minimum so that the attention remains focused on the photographs only.

Keep the colour scheme simple and light so that it does not bother the eyes. Arrange the photographs in a chronological order and then present them in the slide show, do not make a haphazard presentation. You can make a small sweet story also out off these photographs to make the slide show engrossing.

Start making the slide show at least a month prior to your child’s birthday. For projector and various other gadgets you can easily contact any event management company to help you. Give a nice title to the whole film that you have created.

If your child is above five years then add some pictures of his school and school teachers along with some bytes or comments from his school teachers and school friends too. This will make it more interesting and funny for him.
If you have a desktop or a lap top at home then you can easily make the film on it with the help of software’s like Moviemaker etc. on them. You can add voice-over also in the movie.

Plan the return gift too

You can gift a beautiful photograph of the birthday in a beautiful frame as return gift. Or you can also give a photograph of their parents with the birthday baby framed. If the birthday is falling around some vacation be it summer or winter vacation then you can also give discount coupons of various hobby classes like dance classes, swimming classes or singing classes according to their interest.

A birthday mug with the photograph of the birthday baby is also an appealing item for this high tech birthday party.
While packing these return gifts remember to pack them in wrapping papers with cartoon characters on them, this will make your return gifts much more appealing to the kids. Or you can gift a same dress to all the children with similar stickers for clothes being stuck on to the dresses. You can also frame their favourite cartoon characters with nice messages written on them for return gift.

Be High Tech on the birthday party

These days planning and implementing your child’s birthday party is not just mother’s role and duty, even fathers are playing an important part in it. That is why now technology is also becoming part of their child’s birthday party in the form of Power Point presentations and Slide shows.

This not only makes the birthday party full off entertainment but the emotional part of the parents also gets highlighted. Once you also plan to give such high tech birthday party you will also remember it for years to go along with your friends. The accolades and the praise you will earn after hosting such a beautiful party for your child will be awesome experience for both the parents.

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