Plan The Transition From Crib To Toddler Bed

Babies outgrow many things faster and one among them is Crib. Around the age of two, parents have to change the crib to toddler bed as the baby has outgrown a crib.

Around the age of two or maybe a little later, parents are typically faced with the task of transitioning their toddler from a crib to a bed. Initially toddlers may resist the new change by crying but with constant cajoling they may overcome their discomfort and accept the new change.

The mother can help the transition from a crib to toddler bed to be smooth and comforting so that the baby is cheerful and sleeps well. To make the transition comfortable and convenient there are a few process that will help the toddler settle in its bed fast.

While shopping for the bed take the toddler along and allow the toddler to select its own bed. The toddler will enjoy the whole experience in choosing its own bed. Place the bed in the child’s room. Do not take away the old crib from its original position. Treat the new bed just like any other furniture. This new arrangement will make the toddler feel comfortable and happy.

Do not rush the child to sleep in the new bed but allow the baby to adjust to the bed whenever an opportunity arises. If you force the child to sleep in the new bed it may put up resistance and it will take further time to sleep in the new bed. Adjusting the toddler to the new bed at every given opportunity with innovative ideas will help the toddler to accept the new bed quickly.

Playing quiet games, puzzles, shape games and reading books together on the new bed will help the toddler to acclimatize to the new bed. Apart from playing with the toddler, cuddle the baby whenever possible on the new bed.  The main aim is to make the toddler feel comfortable in its new bed with activities that they are familiar with. Make the bed appealing and allow the child to choose between bed and the crib. In course of time the baby will get attached to the toddler bed.