Planning A Fit Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period in which the body of a women under goes various changes .This creates,lot of strain in the body. So, its very important to remain healthy during the entire period of pregnancy in order to –

  • cope up with the stress of pain during child birth,
  • have a normal delivery ,
  • avoid medical complications
  • have healthy and fast recovery.

Therefore, the fitter you are the better it is for the due day.

During child birth, various body parts are under tremendous pressure and stress. So, one should develop a regular exercise regime for all the concerned body parts. This helps to strengthen the muscles and reduce the stress level. This in return prepares the body to handle the rigorous pain in more comfortable way. Therefore, one should include various forms of exercise in consultation with doctor to keep the entire body fit. Like –

  • Regular exercise for building strong muscles in buttock, stomach, legs, uterus.This helps during labor and birth of the baby.
  • deep breathing exercises
  • exercise for building strong legs
  • exercise to increase blood circulation

While planning and performing exercise for fit pregnancy, our main aim should be to deliver healthy baby and hence exercises should be performed in moderation. It should be within one’s body limit. One should never exert and over do it .This will lead to pain and other complications. Secondly; exercises should be performed with normal intensity.

Various hormonal changes in the body lead to emotional changes. As a result, there are various mood swings. Exercises help to overcome these emotional changes.

Along with exercises, healthy diet is also part of fit pregnancy. So, one should include all healthy food like fruits ,green vegetables, whole grain, fibre,milk,eggs, iron, protein and vitamin rich diet. Generally pregnant women need an additional 300 calories a day. So, small but frequent meals should be practiced during this phase. Avoid drinking alcohol, aerated drinks and eating junk food and caffeine related products.

During pregnancy, one should keep oneself hydrated .Therefore; one should drink lots of fluids like water, juice, coconut water etc to keep the body hydrated. It becomes all the more important while exercising. Therefore, drinking fluids before and after exercise as well as in between the regime should be practiced.

Thus,leading a healthy lifestyle with enough timely sleep helps in achieving a fit pregnancy.

Raka Raghuvanshi