Planning For Basic Baby Needs

Newborn’s basic needs involve very minute details and hence it’s always better for expectant parents to make a checklist of the basic needs of their babies in advance. Because once the baby arrives, they leave their parents with no time to shop. Today’s market is flooded with hundred’s of baby products and this leaves the expectant parents especially first time parents confused.Hence,if parents plan and buy their baby products in advance then this gives them ample time to make correct decision.

One of the most essential baby needs is products required during feeding. Immediately after birth, newborns needs to be nursed.Hence, its essential to keep handy all the primary things associated with feeding. There is no doubt that breast milk is the best milk for all babies.However,parents must also keep few small size feeding bottles as well as formula milk ready for feeding their babies.

These bottles should be of high quality either of glass or plastic. It’s very important to sterilize the feeding bottles before and after every feed to avoid infections and so parents should also buy sterilizing equipments. In addition to this few bibs which are used while feeding and a breast feeding pillow are also needed.

Newborns wet their diapers very frequently. So; parents must keep a stock of good quality of small size cotton diapers. Newborns skin is very delicate and therefore using good quality of cotton diapers prevents skin irritation and rashes .Baby should be comfortable in their diapers. It should neither be very tight not very loose. Other essential things needed are—

* Diaper rash cream
* Talcum powder
* Disposable baby wipes
* Cotton nappies
* Small size towels
* Water proof diaper changing mats
* Antiseptic liquids and gentle baby wash for washing cotton nappies etc

Newborns need to be comfortable while sleeping and so parents must buy soft baby mattress. The cradle or crib should have smooth edges and safe for baby. Parents must also buy few sheets to cover their baby while sleeping and in case of winters there should be enough warm blankets or quilts to keep them warm while sleeping.

Giving bath to newborns involves a lot of care. During this period, parents must not expose their baby to sudden change in temperature and so should check the water temperature with a thermometer .Other essential things required are –

* Small baby bath tub
* Gentle baby soap and shampoo
* Soft baby towels, bath robes
* Soft hair brush

Depending upon the weather
, parents must keep a stock of 8-10 pieces of baby’s clothes. Later depending upon the frequency of wetting they can add more clothes to their kid’s wardrobe for daily wear. In case of summers, cotton clothes are best while in case of winters warm clothes like  pullovers,caps, mittens socks etc.

Raka Raghuvanshi