Planning For Pregnancy

Getting pregnant is the most important aspect of one’s life. So, if are not yet pregnant, you still have time to create a difference that could make your pregnancy free from unwanted complications.

Today, doctors give due importance to pre-pregnancy planning as it avoids unnecessary problems and also provides enough time to women to make sufficient adjustments. Pre-pregnancy planning requires you to make health, nutrition and lifestyle adjustments as indicated by the new medical findings and knowledge.

Get a Preconception Checkup

Do you think why to visit a doctor for a checkup before getting conceived? Well, visiting to a doctor before you get pregnant is very essential as the doctor can only help you to identify and get rid of any problems that could harm the fertility or your healthy pregnancy.

Be frank about your medical and lifestyle history. If you have any hereditary disorders or any other major diseases such as High Blood Pressure problem, diabetics problem etc, make sure to tell about these to your doctor.

Even if you are taking pills to keep your diseases in control, don’t hide this information or any problem you are facing before getting pregnant. Also, inform your doctor about any nutrition supplements or medications you take in your daily routine.

You can ask your doctor about certain questions like
• Should you take any vitamins supplements?
• How can you safely stop birth control? And also,
• What time you should do intercourse to get conceived?

Your doctor can also advice you to keep track of your menstruation cycle till the time you get pregnant.

Desist Dangerous Habits

If you smoke, drink alcohol or take illicit drugs, discontinue these bad habits. Don’t mix motherhood with these bad habits. Quitting these bad habits can be tough but if you are unable to; it will make your pregnancy worse than you can imagine.

Women who take oral acne drug Accutane should suspend it at least 2 months before you conceive as it increases the chances of miscarriage and birth defects.

Increase Intake of Nutrients Specially Folic Acid

A balanced diet is essential as it helps improve your overall health and fertility. Women are required to take certain specific foods such as chicken, egg yolk, dried beans, lentils, almonds, potato, sweet potato, broccoli, cabbage, banana, oranges, peaches and soya products, since they contain high folic acid. Deficiency of folic acid can cause neural tube defects in the babies and anemic problems in women.

Get Close to Your Optimal Weight

Optimal weight is necessary for getting pregnant, as overweight mothers tend to have major complications in pregnancy and underweight mothers may find it difficult to conceive or nourishing a fetus. So, if possible try to get into shape and attain the optimal weight before getting pregnant.

For this, underweight women should start taking balanced and nutritious diet and overweight women should carry out regular exercise to maintain their weight. Make the efforts now as it is dangerous to diet or to start any new exercise program during pregnancy.