Planning Your Baby’s Birth

Pregnancy is the time when you can plan the way in which you want to give birth. Talk to your doctor regarding the options available to you (depends on your medical condition). You can read books, attend prenatal classes and talk to your partner regarding your preferences.

But always keep in mind that a having a healthy baby and a healthy mother should be the goal. So be realistic while considering various options of giving birth. There are many ways of giving birth such as assisted delivery, c- section delivery, normal delivery, water birth, home birth etc. Some things to consider before choosing your option are:
– Your previous experience (if any) in giving birth
– If you are expecting twins or multiples
– Your age or any complications in your pregnancy
– Kind of antenatal and postnatal care you want.

Vaginal Birth:
This is the most common method of giving birth. Women who give vaginal birth do not have to stay in hospital for very long. Breastfeeding your baby is much easier after vaginal birth. You can choose if you want to take pain management medications or not. Let your doctor know your preference in advance.

Water Birth: It is not a very common practice, but many women are opting for water birth these days as it is comfortable as compared to vaginal birth. When you enter into labor, you will be asked to enter into a water tub.

It is a gentle and comfortable experience for a mother and baby as water relaxes the muscles and reduces anxiety. As soon as the baby comes out, he will be removed from the water tub.

C-section Delivery:
This is a surgical method of giving birth. Your doctor makes an incision in lower abdomen and the uterus and pulls out the baby. The hospital stay is longer than normal delivery and it takes about three months to recover completely after a c-section.

This method is not recommended unless there is some complication or certain health conditions which pose a problem during vaginal birth. Breastfeeding your baby after a c-section can be very painful.So consider all aspectsSo consider all aspects before deciding the way in which you want to bring your baby in this world. the way in which you want to bring your baby in this world.

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