PND: Will It Harm Your Baby?

The most interesting challenge for a woman is the experience of having a child. Post Natal Depression or PND is common among women as they experience a period of low mood after the birth of the child. It can be simple baby blues or PND. In a rare case, the situation worsens to postnatal psychosis.

It is medically proved that 10% of the women suffer from PND. The onset of the PND is generally from 1 month after the birth of the child but this is no hard and fast rule. Some moms experience PND six months after the birth of the child or even within one week of the childbirth. So this actually changes from a woman to woman.

Though the symptoms vanish within a short period, medical advice must be taken for those women who experiences PND for months or even a year.

Experts have never found the cause of PND but this condition is more common after the first pregnancy. The symptoms of PND are similar to ordinary depression but the common symptoms are lack of confidence, anxiety, negative thoughts and difficulty in sleeping. There are certain factors which can induce PND in a woman and these are –

1)    A previous case of PND is a sure sign of getting this medical condition again in the future. So pay attention to any signs of depression and take corrective steps accordingly. Preventing a PND should be the foremost concern.

2)    If you have suffered PND during pregnancy and have stopped taking medication in order to protect the fetus, then chances are that you need to take the medicines again to stop the recurrence of PND.

3)    A patient who has suffered from bipolar depression in the past can also get afflicted with PND in no time. Look out for the warning signs and try to take steps to prevent the occurrence of PND.

Does it harm the baby?

Women suffering from PND may have a fear that the medical condition can cause harm to the baby. If you feel any such fears then it is best to visit your doctor or seek a medical opinion, at least. But in reality, it is very rare to find a mother afflicted with PND harm her baby. Though the mother may feel like hitting or shaking the baby, it rarely happens. PND is very much treatable and so visit the doctor at the right time.