Popular Baby Names Based On Places & Mountains

Parents tend to follow many trends while selecting a name for their babies. Here in this article we will discuss about the trend related to naming your little one based on your favorite place, city and mountain. And believe me these names do look great just like those beautiful places and mountain ranges.

People usually love naming their babies based on places for the following reason- they relate to the place due to their first meeting, engagement, wedding, honeymoon, conception, childbirth, vacation etc. Or simply because they feel some unique quality about the place such as its beauty, history, weather etc.

Popular baby names for girls (alphabetical order) based on places are: Aleutia, Afton, Alexandria, Aberdeen, Abilene, Africa, Ailsa, Adelaide, Asia, Aspen, Albany, Arizona, Brooklyn, Carolina, Catalina , Charlotte, Chelsea , Cheyenne , China, Cody, Dakota,  Florence , Geneva , Georgia, Helena, India, Israel, Juno, London , Madison, Montana, Miami, Nevada, Odessa,  Paris, Phoenix, Regina, Sahara , Savannah , Georgia, , Sierra , Sydney , Valencia  Verona , Victoria , Vienna  etc.

Popular baby names for boys based on places are: Arlington, Austin, Bailey, Berlin, Boston, Bristol, Bronx, Carson, Chandler, Columbus, Dallas, Dayton, Denver, Diego, Essex, Eugene, Francisco, France, Hamilton, Holland, Houston, Indiana, Jersey, Jordon, Kenya, Kent, Laredo, Lincoln, Melbourne, Memphis, Mitchell, Orlando, Peyton, Rio, Raleigh, Rome, Santiago, Trenton, Texas, Jersey, Washington, York, Zaire etc.

Now there are parents who like to name their babies based on their favorite mountain peak or ranges. Or they choose a baby name having some meaning related to mountains. Mountains are generally known for their strength and beauty, and that is why baby names related to mountains are equally popular for baby boys and girls alike.

Popular baby names for girls based on Mountains are: Akaishi, Caraballo , Cherskiy, Cordillera, Denali, Jael, Montana, Shasta, Hida, Pamir, Sayan, Taurus, Tian Shan, Thaila, Venediger, Rhaetian, Bernina, Sesvenna, Silvretta, Brenta, Julian, Dauphine, Vanoise, Savoie, Pirin, Rila, Sierra,

Popular baby names for girls based on Mountains
are:Aaron, Andes, Alborz , Bynar, Beaumont, Belmont, Bergen, Bernard, Bergamo, Delmon, Dumont , Everest, Hallberg, Hafner, Gydan, Mackinley, Morven, Orpheus, Slavin, Tabor, Vermont, Koryak , Kuray, Ural, Zagros, Livigno, Samnaun, Verwall, Kamnik, Ortler, Parang, Rhon etc.