Positive Parenting – The Right Way Of Handling Kids

Being a parent requires lots of patience and discipline not only towards your kids but to yourself as well. Positive parenting requires certain factors which will be effective in nurturing your children no matter how many you got.

Parenting is a challenging task
, your responsibility as a parent doesn’t end to just by feeding them, or providing then to whatever they will ask of you. But it requires a great deal of time and emotion as well, if you want your children to grow as responsible and discipline. Then it is essential for you to give time and consider these several factors that might be useful in parenting.

Being loved or the need to feel that you love them. It may be hard to believe but providing and giving them all that they want cannot be counted as an act of love. You are merely doing your responsibility in providing then their needs.

However, if you hug, kiss and hold them from time to time as well as letting them know that you are proud of your kids. Letting them feel that you’re always there for them, that’s the only time that you are showing them the real essence of LOVE.

Acknowledging their positive deeds and giving them regular and positive attention. As parents, the very first instinct you may have is to correct and criticize the BAD things that your children may do.

Neglecting to compliment or acknowledge the positive and right things that they’ve done. You may be focused on attending to their bad attitudes or negative traits that you will often times neglect the simple and little good things that they’ve done. It’s good to reprimand them when do bad things but it is the best thing to do to praise them when they’ve done a positive deed.

Give them a consistent routine that they have to do from day to day. In this way they’ll grow up to be organized and systematic kind of individual.

Acknowledge their feelings from time to time, take time to notice them and give them time to express their feelings as well. Though there are things that you cannot allow them to do, at least take time to listen to them before letting them know what you think or what is your decision. In this way they’ll realize that they do matter in your family as well.

The last and the most important factor
in positive parenting is being a role model to your children. You may not notice it but most of your children may imitate and to the extent of wanting to be like you when they grow up.

They will be your number one fan. Therefore, practice what you preach and the best thing that you can teach them? Teach them to fear and respect GOD above all things and they will never go wrong.