Positive Parenting

Parenting is the most challenging task. Every parent wants their kids to be healthy and smart. It’s entirely in the hands of the parents on how they are able to shape up their children.However, positive parenting helps in the development of the kids to the full potential. It’s all about teaching them, enabling them rather than controlling them and conditioning them.

The most important tip for positive parenting is spending quality time with your kid. These days, generally both the parents are working and they are not able to spend time with their kids. But on a serious note, this decreases the emotional bonding of the parents with their kids.

It’s always advisable for parents to take out time from their hectic schedules and spend time with their kids. Communicate with them, share your daily schedules with them, listen to them about their school,friends,their queries etc.While doing so, parents should maintain eye contact with them, show interest in their talks , give them replies,suggestions.

Such healthy talks helps to build strong and healthy relationship of children with their parents .When this habit is inculcated right from the early age, it helps to create an attachment with the parent  and even when the child grows up he develops this habit of  communicating with their parents.

By spending time with kids, parents are able to watch their kid’s activity on daily basis. They thus able to know about their behavior at school, with friends, about their studies, sports and other activities.Thus, by involving in kids life and communicating, parents are able to shape up their kids in more positive manner.

Kids need to be praised in all respect. Whether it’s a big achievement or a small achievement, kids needs to be appreciated. This builds self confidence and high morale in them.

Showering love to kids is important. Convey them that they are special and loved .This makes them feel important and valued.

Kids need to be encouraged for their efforts and hard work they put in any activity in school or at home. This provides them motivation to try out new things in life.

While setting boundaries for kids, they should be explained about the same logically. Parents too should follow those common boundaries set at home for the entire family.

Kid always follow their parents footsteps and by doing so parents can set example for their kids. Parents should remain calm, even if they do not follow those set of rules and instead should deal with them in positive way.

Consistent caring should always be followed by parents. This provides secure feeling within them and such kids rely on their parents.

Parents play a vital role in their child development.Hence,by positive parenting i.e. by providing quality time, communicating, setting themselves as good role models, loving parents one can develop our kids to their full potential.

Raka Raghuvanshi