Post-Natal Depression

Pregnant women are likely to suffer from post natal depression during pregnancy. There are many factors because of which the chances of depression arise in pregnant women’s life. Substance use, mental illness, lack of support from others, financial problems, anxiety,  early age pregnancy, etc.

Depression after the delivery could be lack of rest, stress, overwhelmed about he new born, lack of time and feeling lesser attractive, etc.

The symptoms are many as well. How you get to know that you are in such a state is difficult. Some signs are feeling gloomy, irritated about everything, loss of friends and interest in your hobbies, excessive sleeping, heck of crying, laziness and weakness, severe headaches and mood swings. One also feels like not talking and having less food. So point is what you can do to deal with it once you know you have it.

To solve the tension as much as you can, try out take proper relaxation time. Rule is, when the baby sleeps, it is your nap time as well. Do not take much tension about things as everything has a solution and be happy that you are a mother now. Take support of your partner for care of baby.

For example, ask him to take night care of baby in every alternative day and help in changing diapers as well. He is equally responsible for the child and you deserve the support. Talk out the depressive feeling that you have. May be with friends, family members and the best one is with your husband.

Try to have another person with you always so that you can pass your time by chatting and not having feeling of being lonely. Talking to your mother also helps so that you both can share pregnancy experiences.

As for the treatment for post natal depression, there are commonly two. One is the talk therapy in which you require to visit psychologist or a therapist who can give you professional help. Feel free to share and discuss in from of them. Then medicine is another cure but in this, consultation of doctor is a must.