Post Pregnancy Exercise Is A Must To Do

New mothers feel that post pregnancy there isn’t any need for exercise and that it is their first duty to look after their new born. But looking after our self and trying to be fit and healthy isn’t a bad thing at all.

After pregnancy, women tend to gain a little weight and it is important to loose the excess weight with the help of exercise. There are many ways by which you can loose weight after pregnancy. Women have given up on the old believe that one should not exercise after their pregnancy.

But now along with the new born, women like to take care of their own selves as well. And in order to do so, you must be sure that whichever exercise you indulge in, should specifically be meant for women in their post pregnancy state.

However you can make use of breastfeeding for loosing weight. It is a great way of doing so especially after pregnancy. Use breastfeeding to your advantage. Breastfeeding is one great way of losing weight after pregnancy for at least during the course of 12 months. This has been proven scientifically.

You must also seek to maintain a proper and balanced diet after pregnancy. By avoiding junk foods and fat foods, you must include more fiber in your meal and even vegetables. You can also seek to include lean meat in your diet. You can indulge yourself in a regular exercise routine after you have had ample rest after your pregnancy and after the doctor has given permission to do so.

You must start with breathing exercises. Following the instructions can get you you’re your regular exercise regime easily. You must lie on your side with bent up knees and with a pillow below your head. Try and relax completely. Try to concentrate on the breathing pattern and breathe slowly.

Concentrate on your breathing out pattern. As you breathe out, draw your stomach below your belly button and then pull it toward your spine. Let your stomach out as you breathe in. Practice to co-ordinate your breath along with the movement of your tummy. In time you can also practice to hold your tummy for a few seconds. This simple exercise regime will help you regain the flat stomach effectively and easily.