Postnatal Care-Some Tips

Postnatal care or care after delivery is very much important to ensure the health and well being of the mother.Do not expect to move around with full strength just after your delivery.You should take adequate rest irrespective of whether you had a normal delivery or a cesarean section.

Women who had a cesarean section should take a bit of extra care than their counterparts who have had a normal delivery.Proper care should be taken so as to promote the fast and healthy healing of the stitches.The stitches should always be kept clean in order to prevent infections.

Your sleeping patterns will be hugely disturbed with the arrival of the baby.But you should take care not to tire out yourself. It will be wise for you to catch a shut eye along with your baby.

You might have gained some extra weight during your pregnancy period.Do not venture into exercises immediately after your delivery in order to shed those extra kilos.Doctors usually recommend that you start off with your exercise sessions 6 weeks after your delivery.Once you get a go ahead from your physician, then you can start off with a regular exercise schedule.

Breast feeding your baby will be a very fulfilling experience for mothers.But you are certain to experience some difficulties during the initial stages of breast feeding. If you face the problem of sore and cracked nipples, then apply a moisturizing cream on that area.

Some women may experience the condition of leaking of breasts. This happens when the breasts become so full with milk that they finally tend to overflow. You can wear nursing pads inside your bra to counter this problem.

Change the nursing pads
when it becomes damp to prevent bacterial infections. This is a temporary problem and will disappear once the feeding cycle of the baby is established.

If you had an episiotomy during your delivery, then you might experience some pain and discomfort post delivery. To promote quick healing of the stitches, you can have a daily bath with common salt added to warm bath water. After urinating, clean your vaginal area with warm water and always keep your stitches dry.

Finally have a healthy and well balanced diet. The food you take directly affects the nutrition levels of your breast milk. Also drink plenty of water and always keep yourself completely hydrated.

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