Postnatal Depression-The Symptoms And Treatment

Having a baby is supposed to be a very joyful time in every woman’s life.But some women go through a period of depressions and mood swings after giving birth to their baby.This condition experienced by the new mother is termed as postnatal depression.

Postnatal depression is a mood disorder which begins after the birth of the baby. Postnatal depression can be classified into early onset and late onset.

An early onset of postpartum depression which is also termed as baby blues is seen to appear in the first few days after delivery.The new mother will experience constant mood swings.She will always be weepy and worried for no special reason.

This condition is usually seen to disappear after a few days,when the mother adjusts with her new baby and new way of life.Here no special treatment is required and all that is needed is the care and compassion of your loved ones.

A late onset of Postnatal Depression is seen to occur several weeks after the birth of the baby The mother will experience detachment, anxiety and a feeling of hopelessness.She will also experience a growing feeling of sadness and depression.

The sleeping patterns of the mother will be hugely disturbed.The inability to sleep properly often leaves her with very low energy levels.

Some women will experience a tremendous fluctuation in their body weight.There will also experience either a loss of appetite or a tremendous increase in appetite.

Postnatal Depression is commonly seen to occur after the first pregnancy. The sudden hormonal changes occurring after delivery can cause Postnatal Depression.It may be also caused due to a feeling of inability to cope with the demands of motherhood.

Women experiencing Postnatal Depression will find it very difficult to bond with their babies.They will also have an over anxiety for anything related with the baby.The feeling of hopelessness which sets in will make the new mother neglect her own needs.

There are many medications which helps the new mother
to deal with Postnatal Depression.Doctors usually prescribe antidepressants which can be safely taken by nursing mothers too.

Women experiencing Postnatal Depression can also undergo counseling sessions as a part of treatment.

You should avoid doing unnecessary tasks and also should not subject yourself to extra pressure.Doing regular exercise, taking adequate rest and cultivating healthy sleeping habits will allow you to keep the demons of Postnatal Depression at bay.