Potty Train Your Child

The transition from diapers to potty chair is an important phase in the toddler’s life. This usually takes place when the child reaches the age of around 3 years. This is the age when your toddler is ‘mature’ enough to independently use a potty. This is the right age to train them because if you wait for a year more then it might be difficult to make the child listen to you. This is not a task which the parents should be wary of because if properly done the child can be potty trained within a few days only.

Parents are usually saddled with a common question – how do I know when my child is ready to be potty trained? The answer is you need to look at some common signs of readiness. The more common signs are – keeping dry for at least 3 hours at a stretch, regular bowel movements, a keenness to get the diapers changed when it is dirty, ability to walk more or less properly and understand basic and simple instructions.

Method # 1

Any one of you has to keep a check on the number of times your child defecates in a day. This will enable you to understand how many times the child will use the potty chair. Then you need to make him/her drink lots of water to increase the thirst. Now as soon as he feels t pressure you take him to the potty and say “pee goes to the potty”. Repeat this for 4 times and very soon he will begin going to the potty chair all by himself.

Method # 2

In this method you need to child roam around in the house fully naked without any diapers or training pants. But there is a real chance of having to clean up the scattered mess. This is a really effective method and you can potty train your child within a period of 7 – 10 days.

Method # 3

In this method you need t demonstrate how to effectively use the potty chair. You can use a specially made training doll. Make the doll drink plenty of water and make the child watch as you remove the underpants and make the doll sit on the potty chair. Then ‘praise’ the doll for the good behavior. After your child watches this for 3 -4 days, there will be a general tendency in him/her to follow the same trend.