Potty Training Toddlers- Tips And Advice For Parents

Potty Training ToddlersPotty training is a major milestone for any child. Contrary to popular belief, potty training does not mean that your child willingly passes stool or urine whenever you make him/her sit on the toilet.

A child is considered completely potty trained when he/she tells you himself/herself that a visit to the bathroom is required and then does his/her business unassisted. Each child is different when it comes to potty training. Some children learn to be independent in the bathroom within a week or so while others may take as long as a few months.

There are several factors that you need to consider before you start potty training your child. Here are a few tips and ideas that may make the task easier and faster.

Tips And Advice For Potty Training Toddlers

Wait For the Right Time

Do not start potty training your child just because your friends and family members are doing the same to their own children. Make sure your child is ready for this big step. If you start when your child is not ready, the entire process of potty training will last for ages. This will make both, you and your child, frustrated and angry.

Procure the Correct Equipment

There are two main types of potty seats. The first one is an independent pot which is scaled down in size for children. The other is a seat ring which fits into the normal commode seat to make the opening smaller for kids.

The independent potty seat is a good idea if your child is less than two years of age because it is easier to sit on. The second one should be used for older kids as it is a little higher and the child may require assistance to get on and off it. Choose the right seat according to your child’s age.

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Set a Pattern

Teach the first potty training lesson in a very easy way. Make your child sit on the commode/potty seat at a time when he/she usually has a bowel movement (like after a meal). Do not remove the diaper. Let him/her pass stool into the diaper but while sitting on the pot. Repeat this for a few days. Your child will soon learn that the bathroom is where such activities are to be performed.

Remove the Diaper

After a week or so of following the above practice, make your child sit on the pot at the same time but without a diaper. Let him/her defecate directly into the pot. Stay by his/her side to provide assurance that this is a good thing to do. This is a good way to instill the idea that the poop has to go into the toilet and not anywhere else.

Encourage your Child

Whenever your child does what you have asked him/her to do while potty training, shower praises and encouragement. Tell him/her that the potty seat is a fixed thing and can be used whenever he/she feels the need. He/she must be made aware that you do not have to be present every time there is a bathroom requirement.

Show him/her how to sit on the potty and get down from it independently. The flush is also a great way to arouse interest in the child. This will encourage them to go and use the potty alone without any assistance.

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