Practicing Yoga During Pregnancy

Pregnancy yoga or prenatal yoga is gaining importance around the world nowadays. There are many benefits of practicing  yoga during pregnancy. Yoga is found to be beneficial to the expectant mother as well as the growing fetus.
Yoga is a best way to ensure a fit and safe pregnancy. Prenatal yoga promises a smooth pregnancy and natural childbirth .It also helps in maintaining a condition of good health during pregnancy. Pregnancy time is clouded with nausea and morning sickness for most women.

Daily practice of yoga greatly helps in reducing nausea and morning sickness. The irregular hormone patterns seen during pregnancy cause many mood swings and unwanted tensions. The rhythmic breathing exercises of yoga are found helpful in warding off stress and tensions.

The meditation helps in getting rid of fear and anxiety of childbirth and also helps the expectant mother to connect with the child at a new level. Yoga helps in improving the posture, raising the energy level and relieving you of fatigue.

During pregnancy, there is usually an occurrence of unwanted fluid retention in the body leading to a condition of edema. This condition is characterized by the swelling of hands and feet. Prenatal yoga helps in reducing the fluid retention in the body, thus reducing the incidence of edema .The stretching exercises in yoga helps to tackle the common pregnancy problems of backaches and muscle cramps. It also helps in the proper functioning of the digestive system.

Practicing yoga routines regularly during pregnancy also makes restoration of body shape after child birth an easy process. It also helps in the restoration of the uterus and the pelvic and abdominal muscles to their original state after delivery. The growing baby is also benefited greatly by prenatal yoga. The breathing exercises in yoga ensure an optimum supply of oxygen, blood and nutrients to the growing fetus

It is recommended that pregnant women should practice yoga at least for 30 minutes daily. There are many exercises which are not suitable for pregnant women which are to be avoided completely.

Never involve yourself in any posture which puts extra strain to the abdominal muscles. You should consult with your obstetrician before starting yoga practice. Do practice yoga under the guidance of a trained instructor.

Thus by regular practice of pregnancy yoga, you can be ensured of a smooth and tension free pregnancy and labor.