Preconception Exercises

One of the most important things while you are trying to get pregnant is to be very relaxed. There are a few relaxation exercises which you can do. These will not only make you more relaxed but will also increase your blood flow and flexibility. They will also strengthen your pelvic area and prepare you better for conception.

You can do these exercises regularly all through the period that you are trying to conceive. Lie down on a mat. Place your hands on your navel. Concentrate on your breath. As you breathe in, your arms will lower and when you breathe out your abdomen will rise. Avoid holding your breath but breathe naturally with concentration.

Lie on the ground and spread your legs so that the soles of your feet touch one another. Your knees need not touch the ground. Support them with small cushions. This will help in flexing your cervical muscles. Stay in this position for three to five minutes with your eyes closed.

Lie on the ground with your legs outstretched. Lift one leg and cycle only with that leg. Repeat with the other leg and you will eel a tightening in your abdomen. This is improving the flexibility of your hips.

This exercise will help you to improve the muscle tone in your groin area. Lie down with both knees bent. Gradually lift one leg and with your hand, move it in circles from the hip area. You will feel the groin and hips tightening. After a few days of doing this, the stiffness will automatically disappear.

Another exercise which is great for the hips and spine, and will help you in conceiving is to lie on the ground and end the knees. Twist both legs to one side and stay in this position for a few seconds. Repeat on the other side. Do this for five counts on each side and then relax.

All these exercises are specially designed to improve your flexibility in the lower body. This is what is most important in helping you to conceive, and also care for you during your whole term.