Preconception Health- Tips To Prepare For pregnancy

Preconception HealthMost of the women feel quite proud of being a mother! Motherhood is one of the best phases in the life of a woman. Almost all the women want to enjoy the phase of nurturing their children. As soon as a woman hears the news of her pregnancy, she feels highly overwhelmed.

The phase of pregnancy is also very delightful and is one of the memorable stages in women’s life. However, in order to get pregnant naturally and in a healthy manner, it is essentially important for a woman to ensure that she is fit and healthy before she plans to conceive.

Sound preconception health is tremendously crucial, so that both the baby and mother are free of any kind of health related danger. Before trying to conceive, a lady should certainly follow the tips given hereunder. These tips would surely enable her to enjoy the phase of pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby.

Tips to Prepare for Pregnancy

Get rid of extra body weight

This is one of the most crucial health care tips with respect to getting pregnant in a healthy and natural way. Having extra body weight would not allow a woman to conceive healthily. She may face some problems in conceiving. Even if she conceives, her extra body weight might not allow her to live the pregnancy phase with comfort and ease. So, keeping yourself in good physical health becomes essentially vital for healthy pregnancy.

Perform both cardiovascular exercises and resistance training to attain proper body shape, and keep the body and mind function appropriately. Walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, and aerobics are very good forms of exercises for women to keep themselves in good figure. Also, the metabolism level of the lady would be considerably improved, if she keeps herself involved in regular exercises, hence enhancing her stamina and energy to bear the weight of the baby adequately.

Quit smoking

Smoking may not allow a woman to conceive. Smoking is considered to be the major health related hazard for a woman. Before trying to conceive, it is strongly recommended to quit smoking at least five to six months before conception takes place. Smoking restricts blood circulation in the entire body and inhibits conception. By chance, if a smoker woman gets pregnant, both the mother and unborn baby are at huge risk, where there is a chance of death of both of them.

So, smoking should be abandoned from life to conceive healthily and give birth to a healthy child. It is advised to leave smoking few months before trying to get pregnant, as it takes time for the body to get rid of all the waste and toxins. By leaving tobacco smoking around five months before you try for conception, all the waste would be discarded slowly and slowly, and you would be able to gain conception naturally and healthily.

Follow a proper diet plan

Following a healthy diet plan is imperative so that the body remains in good shape and good health. Most of the women have a firm belief that going on a crash diet program would keep them in good shape. However, the truth is that such a diet program would only deprive the body of all the vital nutrients, hence resulting in loss of energy, stamina and metabolism. Also, if a lady is malnourished, she may not conceive.

Even if she conceives despite being malnourished, she may not be able to carry her pregnancy long and may have to face miscarriage. So, it is mandatory for the women to feed her body with all the vital nutrients like iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamins, protein etc, so that she can conceive naturally in a healthy way and can enjoy her pregnancy phase while remaining in good health. A few foods and drinks which are good for health consist of fish, milk, green vegetables, fruits, fresh fruits juice, vegetables juice, soybean, eggs, yogurt, whole grains and cereals. These foods contain all the nutrients that are required for healthy living and healthy pregnancy.

Also, it is advised that women should keep a check on their dietary pattern. They should eat small meal portions frequently throughout the day, so that their digestion remains good and they remain active. Being active and full of energy and stamina would be good for overall health and would ease conception.

Abandon alcohol consumption

Consumption of alcohol is extremely damaging for the liver, lungs, skin and overall health. A drunkard woman may often face failure with respect to conception. If she conceives, her baby may be born with some mental disability or physical disorder. So, it is imperative for a woman to quit consumption of alcohol before getting pregnant. This is one of the most important steps that a woman should keep into mind when she plans to prepare for pregnancy.

Get rid of stress

Eliminating stress and tension from life remains the most important health care tip, when it comes to talking about preconception health. Stress is one of the major tolls on the health of a woman. The life gets highly disturbed and the lady may not be able to conceive in spite of several attempts due to stress in her life. So, it is imperative for a lady to get rid of this unhealthy condition from life.

Among several measures available these days, meditation, yoga, and exercises are the three well known strategies to eliminate stress. Therefore, ladies should practice these strategies in their life consistently, so that they remain stress free. This would remove the obstacles in getting pregnant, and also promote natural, healthy and safe pregnancy.

All the health care measures that have been explained here would certainly prove to be of massive assistance for all the ladies. Before trying to conceive, women should surely consider the suggestions given above, which would enable them to prepare for pregnancy by keeping themselves in good physical and mental condition. Consequently, good preconception health would make them capable of enjoying healthy pregnancy phase, and hence allow them to enjoy their motherhood with great enjoyment, excitement and fun.